Your Campaign Should Be About People. Not About Finances.

The software platform that’s saving politicians time, money, and headaches. No contract. No hidden fees.



Simple. Accurate. Affordable.


We Keep Track For You

Enter in your data just once and FrontRunner will take care of the rest. FrontRunner is a true one-time entry.


Make Reporting Easy

Our step-by-step forms allow you to create complicated reports in a matter of minutes, so you can move on to better things.


Save Hours of Time

FrontRunner takes care of the repetitive and complex data and financial jobs so you can focus on the true purpose of your campaign.

Say GoodBye to Inconvenient

Finance & Reporting Management. We've Got It.

Get ahead of your competition by nailing down the business side of your campaign early in the game so you can focus on the people you are representing and the changes you are trying to make in the community.

FrontRunner is in production serving users reporting in at all levels of government. A convenience that drives growth is our use of Anedot, an online contribution processing tool that allows data to flow directly into the FrontRunner platform, eliminating key-data-entry.


Your Campaign Doesn't Need to Be Complicated.

We're Making Easier Than Ever!

Everything you need for campaign finance administration and reporting.

AD-HOC Reports

The FrontRunner looks at every piece of data in any way you want to look at it for customizable reports.

Reconciliation Reports

Always know where you stand with bank deposits. Easily reconcile your statement each month.

Online Contributions

We work with Anedot to ensure your online contributions are recorded through automation, eliminating key-data-entry.

Contacts List

Create profiles for your contributors to auto-populate contact information when you create reports and lists.

Disclosure Reports

Stop worrying about what goes into a disclosure report. FrontRunner will take care of it and make it easy on you.

Easy Registration

To register for a FrontRunner account, just fill out a short form and start simplifying your campaign in seconds!

What Today's Politicians Are

Saying About FrontRunner

Ready to Focus on the Real Purpose of Your Campaign?

Get the advantage you need in the financial and reporting side of your campaign from the start so that you can do what you entered the competition to do. Focus on the people, not your finances.

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